In My World

I want a world where the sun sets up in the sky the same time as it sets on yours. I want a world where we can walk the same streets every day. I want a world where we share the same season. I want a world where I can see you whenever I wanted […]

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Would you Mind?

Would you mind If it’s your lips I want to kiss? Would you mind if I still dream on holding you tonight? Would you mind if I miss the scent of your cigarette? Would you mind if the wind remind me of our time in the balcony? Would you mind if I hold on to […]

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Never Will Be Perfect

Stared at the darkness of the night hoping that a little star will shine its light and somehow direct a way to you. Watched the oceans raging waves as I try to take a breather and calm my nerves cause maybe this will help until you’re finally here. Grasped some sand into my hands and […]

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I’ll Try

Now that you found me, please don’t ever let me go.I’ll try not to get mad even when I’m jealous because I trust you.I’ll try to be a good listener so that you know that you can talk to me about everything. I’ll try to understand you and not let argument come between us.I’ll try […]

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Please, ask me to stop before my world starts to revolve around you.Please, ask me to stay away before I can’t let you go anymore.Please, ask me to leave before I choose to stay for good.Please, ask me to not love you before my feelings goes out of hand.Please, ask me now because I am […]

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Someday I will wake up next to youand thank God for the chance to be in your presence. Someday I will be the first voice you’ll hear in the morning and I’ll listen to yours as my favorite sound. Someday I will be able to hold your hand and watch our hands intertwine perfectly. Someday […]

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I Might Not

I might not know what you really feel I might not know how hard it is for you to pretend everything is okay I might not know how unfair you see life and I might not know how long your heart can handle the pain but I just want you to know that I hope […]

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End Game

END GAME It’s the movie people are talking about, people wants to get ahead to spoil it out or just to feel good about themselves because they’ve seen it first. but for me, I just want to see it for the fun and excitement it built since Infinity War. but being here, in this jampacked […]

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  I’m done pretending that I don’t mind how you neglect me. I’m done acting that I have it all together emotionally. I’m done hoping that there’s a good thing that might come up with this. I’m done looking for possibilities. I’m done wishing for us. I’m just done. I don’t want to be in […]

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A Message For You

To the one who’s meant for me, I don’t know where you are right now. what you are going through, are you happy in someone’s presence or are you enjoying the single life. I might not know if you are slowly picking yourself to be whole again or just going through a recent heart break. […]

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I’m Okay

Sometime I just want to cry, tell you everything I’ve been feeling inside. the pain that’s been knocking me down, the fear that causes me to shut down, the worries that eats up my insides, and the emptiness that’s been killing me everyday. I wanted to tell you but I can’t get the right words […]

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Maybe I just wanted to talk to you about how my day went Maybe I just wanted to tell you how happy I was Maybe I just wanted to sit next to you, and lay my head in your shoulders Maybe I just wanted to let you know how hard I try to meet life’s […]

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Never Be The Same

Been in the office quite too long tonight felt like a stranger being here I tried sitting on the desk where I used to be. I remember having your pictures on my work station, well cause you inspire me to work hard. I remember stealing glances at you whenever I feel stressed or my mind […]

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Puzzle Piece

I hate this, I hate counting out days until you say goodbye. I hate that you are not the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I say goodnight to, I hate that I won’t get to see you everyday. I hate that I won’t see that smile that always […]

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Three Words

There are words my mouth can’t utter. There are words that run in my head, thousand of times. There are words I don’t know when to say. but every part of my being expresses it through my actions. The way my eyes speaks when it looks at you. The way my skin longs from your […]

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I’m Sorry

Sorry. For still being here. For still caring for you. For liking every part of you. And for never stopped loving you. There are things I can’t control, trust me I’ve tried so many times. I’ve tried to move forward, talked with other girls. tried to go on a date but who am I kidding? […]

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I always hated the smell of cigarette smoke, and too afraid of what it can do to my lungs. just the thought of it makes me puke or gag. But then, you came and with every puff of your smoke makes me change my mind. I forgot that I hated it because all I want […]

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Near You

                   Am I drunk? Or just sleepy? I can’t stay awake. My head is spinning and I’m definitely on the verge of puking, so I slow down and just stop things from moving. I sit still as I feel her heat seeping into me. I don’t want […]

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Do You?

Do I ever cross your mind? Do you still care about me? Are there things that remind you of me? Do you ever think about what’s going on in my life? Do you still wish to be a part of it? Because I never stopped thinking about you. Because I still care about you. Because […]

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I Don’t

I don’t miss the way we used to talk, long conversation about our passions, and funny stories about the past. I don’t miss your beautiful smile or the way you move your head when a good song comes out. I don’t miss the way you look at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I don’t […]

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I Can Never be

The day you said you like him. my world crashed, my heart wanted to explode, and tears wanted to run down from my eyes. I was catching my breath, pretending that I can still stand and make it through that moment. I froze and couldn’t take a step. What happened? I asked. where did I […]

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I Lost

How can things change for the worse when you are trying to make things better? How can a beautiful conversation turn into a Yeah and a Nahh? How can my favorite time of the day become a “Maybe next time”? How can I become used to you saying no? How can I stay when you’ve […]

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One Wish

Looking up at the sky waiting for a shooting star hoping that I can get one wish Throwing coins on the wishing well hoping that I can get one wish watching my digital watch to turn 11:11 hoping  that I can get one wish That one day I’ll forget the pain you caused me when […]

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Blue Eyes

I want to get lost in your blue eyes. Stare deeply at me and see through my soul. Let my eyes speak what my mouth can’t utter, what my actions can’t do, what my touch can’t describe and what my hearts been trying to say.

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